Memorable DMC games moments

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One thing i love about this series is the unforgettable moments ive had with it growing up (this is just for the DMC series, if i put the other games, it will probably fill up a book or something), so here are my top moments in DMC games, please share yours as well:

DMC- bougth a PS2 specifically for it, DMC and Soul Reaver 2 and my god it was amazing, and aside the intro my fav moments in the games were: finishing the game (its a hard game and i was 12), mastering combos, and my god getting the Ifrit gauntlets. the most memorable moment is the Capcom thing where you defeat all the bosses again, but this time i was ready and powered up, mowed down everything.

DMC2- i remember this, waking up in the morning, getting some orange juice and it was just there on the table, there was no one at home, nothing, just DMC2 on the table, i splashed water on my face and called it a shower and went straight on to play, my most memorable moment with it is a shocking one... it was too short and i managed to finish it on normal with no issues.

DMC3- imported the japanese version and went crazy with this one, every damn thing is memorable to me, the first boss, Agni and Rudra, Arkham, Lady, Vergil, Beowulf, Jester, the tower was full of character itself, the bloody palace. The styles were just out of this world, HnS got redefined again.
Most satisfying moment: finishing everything, collecting all the blue orbs and finishing all the secret missions and learning how to use Royal Guard style.
Most memorable moment: Buying the special edition and playing with Vergil.

DMC4- OMG DAT INTRO, guess what's my second ps4 game after Uncharted, yeah, that's it, i didnt expect the game to top DMC3, i thought the reviews were correct... i was wrong, the game delivered everything i wanted and more, and i loved going through everything again with Dante, loved Nero, and guess what, HnS redefined again.
Most satisfying moment: discovering and mastering Nero's counter moves.
Most memorable: boss fights, loved all the boss fights.

DmC- I didnt like it at first, but the most shocking discovery i made is that it wasnt a bad game, just an average one, i guess the most memorable moment to me is the cutscenes in the game, i really enjoyed watching the game more than playing it. My most memorable moment is the Club level, loved the design and abstractness of it.
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DMC1: Dante getting impaled by Alastor.
At first I thought 'Damnit, a trap? I died?" and as I expected "Game over" to go over the screen Dante got up like it was a minor inconvenience.

DMC2: Lucias rear. Dat rear. That is pretty much all I remember as the game is so forgetable.

DMC3: The first mission and how awesome it was. Whoa.

DMC4: Fighting Dante. Just... fighting Dante.

DmC: It has no good memorable moments. They are all bad.
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Strelok posted...
DMC2: Lucias rear. Dat rear. That is pretty much all I remember as the game is so forgetable.

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47payne posted...
Strelok posted...
DMC2: Lucias rear. Dat rear. That is pretty much all I remember as the game is so forgetable.


The man speaks the truth about that feature.

For me...

DMC1: Either the Alastor scene or the first time fighting Phantom.

DMC2: not much besides Dante's outfit.

DMC3: The first mission and how crazy it is. Also, Vergil 3.

DMC4: Learning to use Nero. He was fun to play as tho simple compared to Dante.
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DMC1:Fighting Nelo Angelo for the first time. The music...

DMC3: Being disappointed that I didn't get a new weapon from Beowulf, and then seeing Vergil take it. That was something completely fresh and original, and very cool.
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DMC: Intro, Phantom Fight, Nelo Fight, Griffon end, Epic Dragon Summoning jutsu.
DMC2: Trish...
DMC3: Intro, Cerberus pre fight scene, All of Nevan, Vergil vs. the world, Lady surviving that epic slap and fall, All of the Vergil fights, Killing 100 demons.
DMC4: Intro, L~Arc~en~Ciel, Every scene with Dante, Giant punching antics.
Nocturne: Dying, Dying, Dying, Dying, Matador, Dying, Meeting Dante, Learning to buff and debuff, not dying, getting TDE. Oh and I forgot Dying.

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The most memorable moments for me in the DMC series was:

DMC 1: Dante's retort the giant demon griffon. DMC 1 Dante: Flock off, featherface! Or you can stick around and find out the hard way!

DMC 2: Basically how Dante never, ever broke a sweat or flinched over ANYTHING. Oh, and his running looked more realistic, too. :P

DMC 3: Wow...where to begin? There's too many to name in this game.

DMC 4: How Dante had aged, but still kept his laid-back attitude. Also, how he so readily handed over Yamato to Nero.

DmC: Never played it. :P
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My first time playing the ps2 DMC games was literally 3 days ago on the HD trilogy. Having only played DMC 1 from that collection, I can't shake the Resident Evil vibe that I'm feeling.

I'll get back to it once I'm done with DmC
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NostalgiaRules posted...
DmC: Never played it. :P

LOL you wrote a fanfiction about it and you never played it, amazing :p

And great stuff guys, keep'em coming
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Oh, that is just according to the DmC fans, you didn't play the game if you ahve any dislike for it.
And if you did you dind't play it enough.
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