When will the DmC PS4/Xbox360 version be announced?

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*sighs* In topics like this, the TC rarely ever replies and/or only ignores replies. Most of the pro-DmC fans here never even want to have a real conversation anyway.

On topic, DmC is already on the Xbox 360.

Let's be fair, nostalgia. I replied his post and nobody cared enough to talk about it being a Complete edition, like I stated some posts ago...

Regardless, I believe they might do what they did to Dynasty Warriors 8, by releasing Extreme Legends for both PS3 and PS4. I see no problem with the same happening to DmC. Capcom might release a complete version ( including the DLC and other stuff ) for PS3 and work to release another for PS4.

Oddly enough, DW8 for PS4 looks like crap and it feels like crap, according to people who played it. I won't buy a PS4 in the next years to come, so I'm probably biased enough when I say PS3 version is better. Only time will tell, though. ;)

Are you REALLY SURE? Because I had a blast with it RIGHT NOW. It had a way better fps than PS3 and judging the game when you didn't even play it was basically a BIG NO NO when you said it especially a tier tester like me.
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True, most of the time it's just a bunch of trolls looking for a new bridge.

I tried at times to engage in conversation with prolls/alts as to why DmC would be ebtter than everything else in their opinion, but I just got insults flung back at me.

Too bad there's not a place where all the reasonable pro-original DMC fans and pro-DmC fans can go and discuss things. I do think Vergil's Downfall was okay and was a little better than the main DmC game.

I dunno gameplay wise, but new enemies were decent. To bad end boss was simply rehash and Cutscenes were terrible
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Why would they release a game that flopped hard last gen and port it to current gen consoles? Wouldn't make sense from a business point of view.
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they are making gaist crusher sequel. a game that sold over 8000 copies with anime, manga and action figures.
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