Do you think Capcom is going to announce anything about DMC in general?

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If you don't care why bother posting so much?
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So, E3 was a capcom failure. In other news, the music in the MGS5 trailer is some fantastic stuff.

Agreed. My god I want a release date for that game so hard.

Kojima just has some great taste in music.
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If you don't care why bother posting so much?

Because doing so would prove he's wrong and we're right. :3
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I'm not that extreme when it comes to gaming.

Possessing a console or a PC with more horse power under the hood is not a factor for me. If it were a factor to most gamers, they would've never invested in a Wii or Wii U. Because those two consoles were the most inferior consoles on the market.

1080p and 60fps is not a necessary requirement for me nor does it means that my experience/enjoyment of that game will be completely horrible if it doesn't reach that level of quality.

So you can post these articles about resolution or frame rates all day mate. And you can also label me ignorant because I don't care about your hardcore/self-entitled gaming world. I just play games when I have the time.....enjoy them.....and forget about them.

You hardcore gamers make me sick! Because you expect people to think like you and care about the things you care about. And when they don't, they're ignorant. You got some nerve!

Better yet. Unsubscribe from my Youtube channel mate. Because I don't like your immature ass

What's the matter? Getting...frustrated? ^_^
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e3 was (wut? only one day left nothing amazing is gonna happen) a letdown on all fronts, microsoft had the best press conference and it was just plain least they showed a few games I have some interest in.

Phantom Dust yo.
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So broke that they are selling more units than the XBone. Right?


Broke as an overall company mate. The gaming division doesn't represent the entire company mate. It's just a very small part of it and it's loosing money as well. The software is where they make their money mate. It's all about the games that justifies the purchase of the hardware.

And more people apparently think that the PS4 is where it is at right now.

I mean, it does have more sales and all.
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Dear Shatterstar

First of all shatter, I don't even think I'm subscribed to your channel. The last time, I saw anything from you was maybe 2 months ago? I'm not sure. Idk maybe I'm still am, I'm subscribed to so many people. I have you, Ufara, Smithy, Duude, and so on. Even though, I must admit you are one of the most attractive youtubers out there with Kitetales...maybe not her, since, you guys are total opposites.

Anyway; are you so brainwashed to think that this about entitlement? Do you even know what that means? Entitlement is a word used a lot in the crazy world of gaming media. Itís a word used to devalue the complaints, movements, petitions and consumer rights of gamers everywhere.

You see this word thrown around constantly by all variety of gaming sites, and its especially common over the controversies involving Bioware and Mass Effect 3. Frankly, Iím less interested in outlining the myriad of issues in Mass Effect 3 than I am in pointing a finger at the countless gaming websites, publishers and developers that have insulted and mistreated so many of us with sickening smugness.

Take for example this video by IGNís Colin Moriarty. This is a man who can get on camera and say that he wouldnít see anything wrong with ME3 being 90% on disc DLC, all while dramatically steepling his fingers and laying down the law of reality on what he clearly sees as nothing more than a gaggle of impotent nerds. Itís a growing sentiment amongst the gaming media, and itís shocking that anyone who actually contributes to a professional gaming website can be such a massive douchebag to so many people while keeping a relatively straight face.

Iím sick and tired of seeing this buzzword spread from one corner of the web to another, spouted by people who havenít had any proper sense of perspective in years. Itís for this reason that I will now thoroughly and utterly crush the concept of gamer entitlement into the ground.

First of all, what is entitlement? Originally it had more to do with the concept of rights and how you, as a citizen or human being, were entitled to be treated by law. In modern times, entitlement has taken on a different meaning and is now interchangeable with spoiled. Essentially, someone who believes that they should be treated better than others, despite the fact that they are undeserving of this treatment or have done nothing to earn it. However, I donít believe that this concept applies to consumers.
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Part 2

Imagine that youíve gone to a restaurant for a nice steak. Once youíre seated your waiter doesnít bother to bring you a menu until you flag him down and is generally rude and impatient with you. He brings you a drink thatís different from what you ordered and doesnít even bother to refill your drink a single time. When you finally get your steak itís cooked twice as long as you wanted and has a nice thick hair on it thatís not yours. In the eyes of the gaming media, if you complained to management, gave the waiter a bad tip (or no tip at all), wrote a bad review about the restaurant on a local attractions website and then never ate there again, you would be an overly entitled eater. Which is, of course, wrong.

The above argument perfectly illustrates my point in that there is a clear difference between being a spoiled brat and simply being entitled to a decent treatment from the goods youíve paid for.

Consumers donít buy rotten food from grocery stores. They donít like using services that screw them out of their money or donít do what theyíre advertised to do. They donít keep broken electronics and other goods. If you buy a $60 appliance and it doesnít work, you can take it back to the store for a full refund. If you buy a $60 game, open it, play it and find that it doesnít meet your expectations, youíre often **** out of luck unless you want to resell it for a massive loss (something you canít even do if you purchased digitally).

Wherein then is the gamerís recourse? Message boards, Twitter, Youtube, Metacritic and countless other communities are often the only place that these people can go to give voice to their issues. Sometimes this happens in destructive and controversial ways, with threats of boycotts, public flaming of developers on Twitter, and occasionally even hacking. All of this is usually quite dramatic and exactly the sort of thing that the gaming media loves to report on, but they tend to criticize and paint the fans as rabid basement warriors, rather than trying to understand how a group of rational people could feel so out of options that their passion drives them to such actions in the first place. Itís no wonder that these controversies pop up left and right given that the gaming industry has a tendency to treat its fans in an adversarial manner quite unlike that of any other entertainment medium.

In a netscape where developers openly call people ď***** *****Ē on Twitter and casually delete complaints off official forums, why shouldnít angry consumers bomb Amazon and Metacritic reviews? Why shouldnít they create petitions and flood message boards with their anger? What else can they do? Besides, numerous are the petitions, lawsuits and fan movements that have brought about real changes in the way developers and publishers do business and treat their customers.
You want to believe that there's one relationship in life that's beyond betrayal. A relationship that's beyond that kind of hurt. And there isn't.
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I suppose that when you get right down to it, what really bothers me is that when we work and live in a world already rife with so much trouble and hardship, why is it that we have to play in a gaming landscape such as this? An environment where game content is cut into pieces and sold to different companies to entice you into buying from one retailer or another. A land where itís okay to lock away content on the disc that youíve bought so that they can sell it back to you. Where mod tools are barely an afterthought.

Where itís policy to tack a multiplayer component onto a single-player game just so that they can charge you for an online pass. A place where itís perfectly fine to release buggy, broken games and then rely on patches to fix them months later, or even more commonly, not at all. Where beloved franchises are gutted and turned into generic first-person shooter properties. Where the reviews are done by websites whose paychecks come from the company whose product they are reviewing. Where intrusive DRM punishes the consumer far more than the pirate. Where you can get in-game advantages in multiplayer focused titles by buying Mountain Dew.

That sad, barren gaming landscape isnít one that I would ever want to call home, yet here we are. The next time you see a website calling you entitled just for wanting better for yourself and the games you love, call them out on it. Stand up for yourself, because none of these media outlets really care about your best interests and they never will. What they do care about is exclusive preview content, early review copies and ad revenue. For that reason the vast majority of these sites will always be on the side of the corporations and not the consumers.

Entitlement? I think weíre all entitled to our own opinion and the right to express it however we like; for good or bad. An industry where such a thing is looked upon with smug contempt is not the sort I would ever wish to be a part of, and neither should you

I feel bad for you shatter, I really do. :(
You want to believe that there's one relationship in life that's beyond betrayal. A relationship that's beyond that kind of hurt. And there isn't.
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@Zero i need like button for your post :3