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Great. Not true to reg series but great on its own. (Archived)
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They have TWO buttons for dodge... (Archived)Hidatsu611/21/2012
Honest to God the lack of an aiming button (Archived)
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Vergil is based off of "A Song of Ice and Fire" aka "Game of Thrones". *spoilers (Archived)
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How old is the build of the demo? (Archived)PhaseBlack611/21/2012
Stinger? (Archived)BossSnake411/21/2012
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demo was amazing I welcome the change (Archived)
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better than dmc 2 (Archived)c3p0420511/21/2012
If DMC wasn't its title (Archived)xSpiraL511/21/2012
Well, this game is everything I thought it would be. (Archived)antking61111/21/2012
just played the demo... (Archived)Hunter1534611/21/2012
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Is DmC and RPG? (Archived)Dark Gunner511/21/2012
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To those that don't like this game, what are good games? (Archived)
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The boss in the demo... (Archived)maniakidd211/21/2012
How long till someone beats Hell and Hell mode? (Archived)
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Bravo Ninja Theory! Bravo. (Archived)
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DmC Demo - What is and What it is Not (Archived)ejshin1011/20/2012