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Sorry to say Anti,s but this game is going to be (Archived)
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New Enemy revealed: Lilith's Child (Archived)Japanese_Jade511/22/2012
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Capcom don't have to sell DMC, Why not be partners with Platinum Games? (Archived)
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After Demo Impressions Is DMC still relevant? (Archived)
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This board is all the way up to No.3 In PS3 Top message boards (Archived)-Damien-611/22/2012
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I'm glad to see the demo got mostly positive reviews (Archived)
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Such a carbon copy of Heavenly Sword (Archived)ShinWesker811/22/2012
"That dragged on forever" (Archived)
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Will there be something similar to bloody palace in the game? (Archived)astmaattack711/22/2012
Xbox Demo Vs Ps3 Demo (Archived)
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Poll: Do you think you'll get the platinum trophy for this game? (Poll)Pesmerga255411/22/2012
The 3 Sexy Angel Babes... (Archived)
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The perfect Live-Action Dante... (Archived)dropzone20411/22/2012
The Coat. (Archived)
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Oh god, the X360 board (Archived)
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