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I like the... (Archived)
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omg guys, the demo was amazing! (Archived)Shinra-Army911/21/2012
Where is the Lost Soul in The Secret Ingredient?? (Archived)noname3221211/21/2012
Abnormally long load times for you? (Archived)DarkSymbiote311/21/2012
I have a few complains (Archived)Joehop007711/21/2012
"Finding all the unlockables gives you a permanent SSS rank for the mission" (Archived)
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My Personal Demo gameplay (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
C/D: This game will be the "Sonic 06" of the DMC series (Archived)
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"hidden" moves (Archived)thunderTH711/21/2012
Still on the fence.. (Archived)
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how to open boss copper and stage1 blue door? (Archived)akute511/21/2012
emo may cry (Archived)ChiTownEnuff311/21/2012
Scene that inspired the boss dialouge (Archived)
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GG Capcom (Archived)SHAMElMARU111/21/2012
Anybody think they'll make a DmC movie at some point? (Archived)
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"Restart From Checkpoint" O___O (Archived)Goldsickle411/21/2012
wtf! son of sparda is ridiculously easy. (Archived)Hunter1534511/21/2012
ice demon trouble spoilers (Archived)shadow210211/21/2012
moves that are not shown in the movelist... (Archived)NightmareGamma911/21/2012
Should SoS been default difficulty? (Archived)ejshin711/21/2012
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