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moves that are not shown in the movelist... (Archived)NightmareGamma911/21/2012
Should SoS been default difficulty? (Archived)ejshin711/21/2012
May as well weigh in my opinions on the demo. (Archived)lol_what811/21/2012
About the collect everything and get a permenant SSS rank. (Archived)Kindertotenwald511/21/2012
they live (Archived)jubjubjooeey311/21/2012
Am I missing something with the pits? (Archived)NakedJoe4Eva211/21/2012
remember the new (Archived)lonelyhero24211/21/2012
Dante plays great and is very fun in PlayStation All-Stars so.... (Archived)
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Dark World Ruler1111/21/2012
Demo freezing issue (Archived)Nekr0sis311/21/2012
I kind of likethe new dante.. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Dang it! I keep trying to do High Time the old way. (Archived)GuardianShadow0411/21/2012
Figured out how to reach that blue key. (Archived)Snake_42111/21/2012
Demo? I can't even access the PS Store.. (Archived)Babylon_211/21/2012
Can't play the demo. : ( (Archived)Dark_Epathy211/21/2012
My impressions (Archived)Skylight411/21/2012
so the demo (Archived)Kyrylo111/21/2012
Has anybody managed to break/get past the unbreakable/clown wall yet? (Archived)Naichingeru411/21/2012
Finally played the demo (Archived)EzraGenesis111/21/2012
Why is the "New Dante" argument still on? (Archived)
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Something that bothers me about the angel thing (not Dante related) (Archived)
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