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Story of dante's hair from my opinion (maybe spoilers, depends if its right lol) (Archived)
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westernize? (Archived)Qadamant92/6/2011
Any chance Devil Arms will appear in this game? (Archived)SeeD-LW32/6/2011
Hideki Kamiya, original Devil May Cry creator isn't happy about the change (Archived)
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pick the developer best suited to produce dmc (Archived)
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Would you like a game only about vergil? (Archived)Panurgic92/5/2011
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steatlh? capcom umploys ninja like stealth.just a theory. (Archived)Qadamant12/4/2011
what the theory behind Ninja Theory? (Archived)Qadamant62/4/2011
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They should just REmake the first game (Archived)
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they should have reboot the game like this (Archived)xsesh32/4/2011
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Devil May Cry news (Archived)
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This will be a great game (Archived)
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Capcom's Salvation.... (Archived)Cyber_Boy9432/1/2011
"NOT Quick Time Events" (Archived)
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DINO flipping the bird? (Archived)palpatine_roxx71/30/2011