Little Points I noticed from the Trailer.

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5 years ago#1

Ada is back, many have missed this tiny moment.

Ashely's voice can be heard between 2:10 to 2:30. She may be the blonde in the white coat.

The new girl with Leon could (pulling strings here) be Sherry (she'd be 22, hair color changes).

Co-op most likely returned as we see some form of resustitaion via blonde helping the new guy (same point where Ashely's voice comes in)

Claire needs to appear, I miss her lol.

5 years ago#2
Wow she still dresses the same. Awesome.

You're sharp btw.
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5 years ago#3
I wonder how many pairs of the same dress she owns? Perhaps a few hundred?
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5 years ago#4

Haha thanks. I like her dress though so it's cool it reappears. Maybe the designs a bit difference. Can't really see details from the trailer.

5 years ago#5

co-op is in.

5 years ago#6
I bet Leon's campaign will be single player with one or both of the others providing co-op.
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5 years ago#7
She did say "this is all my fault." referring to her father william's racoon city incident. who knows?
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  3. Little Points I noticed from the Trailer.

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