Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection...for PS3/Move

#11WilHiteWarriorPosted 1/20/2012 9:26:54 AM

"Huh huh! Wesker! Youve become SENILE!"

:P Yeah I liked REmake too... i dono if its under contract to nintendo or not though... it could very well be but im not sure.

As for the chronicles HD collection... I liked RE darkside chronicles... but then I found out that the saves on the friggin game are copy-protected so I couldnt back up my save... after that I lost all interest in it. Hopefully they rectify that with the PS3 version. My other complaint though was the insane shakiness of the camera made it about impossible to aim sometimes. Yeah I know their argument there was it made it realistic with the fear and panic thing but sometimes I don't care about realistic. Sometimes I just wanna be able to aim my dang gun