Just another cover shooter

#21LeonSK357Posted 1/21/2012 1:22:06 PM
Dmario14 posted...
What are you talking about?

Some long-time fans (i.e., for the ones whose first RE game was not RE4) are not pleased with the direction that the series continues taking. I argue survival horror > action. You may think otherwise.

What i'm talking about is that you can b**** and moan all you want about how RE is now nothing other than CoD with zombies or how this game has become nothing but action. Come November 20th, all the haters are gonna end up buying it so Capcom will make their money, from the sales point it's gonna be yet another huge hit, so they'll keep making games to make money.

Like someone in another thread said, Capcom is a business, not your friend.

And what I was specifically talking about in my original post was that this is what happens with most games before they're released. People find something to whine about and they stick to their point as if it's the word of God just to start s*** with others. After all, this is the internet. Anyone can say anything without worrying about the consequences.
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