more people are working on RE6 than any other title in Capcom's history and ..

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I still think it's funny how that RE5 trailer didn't really reflect the atmosphere of the game at all.
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i think this is why they waited until they were sure what they want to do with RE6 and then they gave us this awesome trailer with a release date. they are not repeating the same mistake when they revealed Re4 and 5 for the first time.
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sehr0 posted...
-Leonís partners name is Helena Harper, who is a secretary in the White House.
-capcom tease that the third playable character and his partner may be more enemies to each other than friends.
-They say the focus here this time is fear with some action elements, but horror is the big focus for the development of the game.
-this game will be the biggest title in the whole series and be on the largest scale.
-Tyrants and the G-Virus were definitely brought up.
-the game is a horror game with some action segments, but the focus on the game is horror.
-innovations in action gameplay, such as the sliding, a new dash ability, some improvements to the covering system.

If that's true, than the girl with the shaved head guy is Sherry.
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