Gameplay speculation and info topic

#1ReeNoiPPosted 1/22/2012 6:25:44 AM
The point of this topic is to try and gather what we know about the mechanics of the game and speculate how new mechanics work and how the game will play in general. Info on stuff like enemies or weapons is welcome as well.

This is not for discussing if the style of the game is good or not.

So far I have only seen the official trailer and it seems to be RE4/RE5 style over the shoulder view with button prompt melee attacks. The partner system seems to be there as well. The chapter system is probably also there given the different characters and locations.

There seems to be some sort of shoot while on the ground mechanic or section. I'm curios how this works.

Enemies seem to be a mix of traditional zombies (probably quite a bit faster than in the early titles), "parasite enemies" with guns and you everyday monstrous abominations.

Some sort of cover system is implemented, but I wonder if it's only in areas with shooting enemies like in RE5.

I assume the weapon loadout, buying and upgrading is going to be similar to RE5.

Anyone have more info? Speculations?