Ive played RE4 and 5, and seen degeneration.

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K-dizzle posted...SgtStrungOut posted...TC you played the fake RE games. How in the world have you not played the ****c RE games that started the series? In the 15 plus years that they have been out, there is NO excuse. The main people who played RE4 and RE5 yet not the old ones are the type of people that suck on the old ones due to ADHD.im not gonna lie, the series started intriguing me when RE4 came out. I was already interested, but i was too afraid to play. Then, believe it or not, due to RE4's incredible success and hearing countless positivity due to sales and seeing Capcom even going as far as porting it to several different consoles to further the title's financial growth just sickened me in a way, at the same time left me in awe.plus i seen that "stupid mother******" video and it sold it for me. Sure i went out and got the wii version of the game and left it in it's wrapper for about a week before mustering up the courage to play it (the guy with the chainsaw seen on the cover gave me daydreaming nightmares), but when i did, it was exciting.Thus began my RE bandwagon.I guess you can look at it like someone who didn't appreciate the Saints until they won the Super Bowl. But you have those people who's stuck with them from the beginning.You shouldn't follow trends. Plus you are only screwing yourself over because the RE series were great pre RE4.---PSN ID = ContraCommando

And thats your opinion. no one cares

CORRECTION: The new bandwaggoning fans don't care, which is alright because their inexperienced opinion does not matter anyways.
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so are you saying your opinions matter?