RE fans are so ungrateful

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  3. RE fans are so ungrateful
3 years ago#61
It's your opinion, and you're free to it. (Of course, I'm sure the story and characters would call it a wrong opinion, but c'est la vie.) If the name is all that survived, though, surely you wouldn't keep buying the game. Since it sucks now, by your count. Or would you?

The story and characters are as superficial as the name. Interestingly enough, if they had removed the story references and changed the characters of 4/5 (and item names too, I suppose) it would be virtually impossible to draw a connection to the earlier titles. Hardly appropriate to say it "survived."

And for the record, I never bought 5 and have no intention of buying 6. I did buy 4 unfortunately, only because I was unaware of the crapfest it would turn out to be.
3 years ago#62
RE4 was really fun. RE5 was fun too if you are playing co-op with a friend. Though I like Dead Space 1 and 2 far more than RE5. I've heard Amnesia is a great horror game. If you guys are so sick of RE then try that out instead. Better than complaining about a game that you stubbornly hate before everything is even known about the game.
3 years ago#63
nobody ssaid RE4 and 5 aren't fun to play. the problem is they are fun games but they are not RE.
3 years ago#64
Farhan_Malik posted...
nobody ssaid RE4 and 5 aren't fun to play. the problem is they are fun games but they are not RE.

I say they are RE games. Its just plays more of an action side of the series.
3 years ago#65
RE4's story was irrelevant to RE's overall story in alot of ways, but the series had to adapt. I've been a fan of RE since RE1 on Playstation, and sure I miss some things, but RE4 overall was more fun to play imo. RE6 has Leon's story being more horror-like. Looks RE to me.
3 years ago#66
I find RE4 amazing, for the simple fact it doesn't have tank controls >_>
Johannes Brahms - 'Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind'
3 years ago#67
...considering it does....
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3 years ago#68
edward18 posted...
They should have just let the series died and made a new series with this style.

That would take actual INTEGRITY, by not using the Resident Evil name to garner sales.
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  3. RE fans are so ungrateful

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