Demo for Resident Evil 6 to be attached with retail copies of Dragon's Dogma!

#21ateronPosted 1/31/2012 2:44:58 PM

Well ive been reading some things about this and maybe i jumped the gun. We must consider the possibility that the ps3 version is a little behind in the development, so they would prefer to release the demo only when its optimized. That can be ONE possibility, but the scumbag inside of me seems to lean towards the "middle finger" possibility..

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Yukanna posted...
Capcom still does this?

Demos should be given away free, and games bought on there own merit.

Thought they stopped doing this since like FFXII and Dragon quest 8 :/

Lol I remember that demo
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Just when I wanted to try Dragon Age or Mass Effect, this game just came in at the right time.