Does anyone here think that Wesker *spoiler* a little too early in the series?

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Mister_Zurkon posted...
Oh, One more thing.

I never once claimed my logic was perfect.

I'm merely pointing out that you are self-righteous hypocrite that attacked me completely unprovoked and never once addressed the topic at hand.

Now I could mark you for off topic posting, Flaming, Harassment and even trolling.

But I won't, Because I don't carry grudges against people on the internet. I suggest you let this go and do the same.
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Stop just stop. You have pointed out im a hypocrite i rationalize how I'm not since I have not done anything hypocritical lmao

You beleive I'm hyporitical because of the fact I call you an idiot for attacking someones opinion, yet i attack yours. As I've said I am not saying attacking peoples opinion is hypocritical, I'm saying that stating how your opninion shouldnt be attacked yet you do it anyway is hypocritical. Ive not done it, making me not hypocritical. I said this but you ignored it.

Then you try to say Im a hypocrtie for using Straw Man and red Herring. Ive said how I havent 3 times and you ignored it. 

Stop with the never one addressing the topic. You strayed off for 10 pages you hypocrite...

And do you know what self-rightheous is? People on the internet use that word to people who use words above the 6th grade reading level so stop

finally I can do the same to you for the 10 pages you did it... 

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You are completely missing my point.

I'm not saying that Wesker is or isn't scary.

I'm saying that a horror antagonist should attempt to be scary, and people disputed that.

And that is where the arguments started.

Now, Just stop... Please... It's just getting sad. You've been arguing for god knows how long without even understanding my viewpoint.

The games do Horror just fine, But in the words of some fans, Horror isn't required for a Horror Antagonist. And I disagree with that statement.

And it wasn't a Red-Herring, I was just giving you some advice.

Insulting people is a TOS offence, and I could mark about 10 messages of you doing so.

So please just let this go...

EDIT: I bolded to help you out sport!
I prefer Genaro's. But what do I know? I'm a bear. I suck the heads off fish! - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
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I predict Gianhardy141 is gonna post the exact same message again.
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Wow, Now you've just devolved into barely comprehensible rants and strings of petty insults.


EDIT: I've never once insulted you unprovoked. So reporting me would be...

Say it with me...


Oh, and you accuse me of talking down to everyone while you insult me and talk down to me?

I prefer Genaro's. But what do I know? I'm a bear. I suck the heads off fish! - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
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I wouldn't be surprised if Wesker is not really dead and makes some cameo in the game. Hes too popular character to kill off for the franchise.
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i know i'm late to the party, but....

"Does anyone here think that Wesker *jumped the shark* a little too early in the series?"


and yes, yes i do. way too early actually
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side note: anyone else tired of reading posts that are made up of 90% of what someone said as a quote and then a 1 line response? it's never worth the wait either...