Resident Evil trivia

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Pfft you think Pokémon's bad when you don't read anything, try playing Radical Dreamers. Worst.Game.Ever.
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Mister_Zurkon posted...
ElusionM_08 posted...
Mister_Zurkon posted...

There is no "Wrong" way to play it! It's a freaking kids game!

That is what makes you pretentious, you are actually condemning people for not playing Pokemon the way YOU believe it should play.

Never implied there's a wrong way of playing (lolwut, is that even possible -__-).

And I was quoting how NINTENDO WANTS PEOPLE TO PLAY IT, as I said, the boxes or the cartridges themselves say "READING. SKILLS ARE REQUIRED FOR PROPER ENJOYMENT OF GAME" or something like that.

Like I said, you assume, accuse and mislabel too much.

It says that because the game is full of reading, not because of some elitist mindset on reading the minor story details.

It's on there to warn parents that the game is full of reading, as in they shouldn't buy it for their kids who can't read yet.

It's a warning, not a requirement.

It's directed at the player, not parents.
It's a RECOMMENDATION, not a requirement, nor a "warning".
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3.Inhibitor coats, I think that's how it's spelled
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Okay, I'll reveal the answers, I'm not going back to analyze everyone's individual answers but Elusion did the best job. I can't believe someone got #8.

1. MA-121

2. George Trevor, 1967

3. Power limiters or limiter coats

4. NE-Alpha

5. Supersonic waves

6. Thomas Ashford

7. 1939

8. Medulla Oblongata (its revealed in a file about plaga 2 at the beginning of Chapter 2-2 in RE5, I believe)

9. Delta Team

10. Stairway to the Sun
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said didn't play "properly", i.e. read the texts and know what the hell is going on in the story.

Never implied there's a wrong way of playing (lolwut, is that even possible -__-).

>says there's a proper way
>then claims he didn't imply there's a wrong way

I lol'd.
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ElusionM_08 posted...
I'm a critical thinker

lol wut. Since when?
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