Are the moving and shooting crybabies happy now

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DbagMister_Zurkon posted...
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Haha I know =P

I noticed you addressed Me as plural.

We Regret Nothing, This Pleases Us!

Haha not plural. Generalizing for the sake of gender discrimination. Just keeping it p.c buddy =P

Btw LOL @ SgtDbag...or SgtStrungOut (pronunciation is subjective depending on where you're from). Adaptation doesn't = skill. Clunky controls are still clunky.
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I actually liked the idea of being at a standstill while shooting off hordes of zombies. Running and shooting at the same time takes away the suspense of it all. Also, running and shooting just feels so inaccurate when fighting off waves of zombies, but it's obviously implemented so the COD fanboys won't ***** and whine anymore. Death to the series, one change at a time.

I thought it was just walk and shoot like Silent Hill?
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Like I said, ANYONE who can't adapt to old school RE controls is just garbage. The controls are only as bad as the person behind them. It has nothing to do with technology, just your lack of skill.
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Oh god not you agian.