My favorite RE female character (personality wise)

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4 years ago#21
CarsAndGuitarsx posted...
ResidentEvil75 posted...
I like Ada Wong because she's shouted in mystery; .

shouted: to utter or yell

shrouded: to veil, as in obscurity or mystery

Get them right.

And as for my fav RE gal, it's Claire all the way.

Claire, because she's so stinking cute and brave even though she's inexperienced, she's also super sweet and caring towards others. She should also have babies, because she's great with kids. I want more Claire please. :)

Yes, what they said. Totally agree =)
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4 years ago#22
i can't really think of any characters i really like, male or female.

and the last 2 games gave us:

ada- collection of "femme fatale" stereotypes, but lacking any originality or any of the good writing required to pull off this kind of character.

sheva - collection of "supportive good girl" cliches, but with no real personality and contradicts herself to move the plot forward when needed.

new jill (latest interpretation) - the honorable "good soldier" girl who keeps her feelings below the surface

sadly, as long as they look good holding a gun while killing people i'll use them in the game over their equally uninteresting counter parts. :)
4 years ago#23
While Jill is my favorite character, I think she is perhaps the weakest female in the series. She lacks personality and is a cookie cutter soldier.

Claire is by far the best character in the series let alone the best female. Its a shame she isn't seen more often, especially since her brother and partner are poster boys of the series.

Ada is okay, but as someone mention, she is a femme fatale cliche with no real development.

I honestly think Rebecca doesn't get much credit even if she isn't that great of a character really.
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