Predict the Disc Locked Content for this game?

#41Farhan_MalikPosted 3/26/2012 6:16:38 AM
Capcom is the most blatantly notorious company for ripping their fans off this way.

I miss the good old PS2 days where you got to play the complete game from the get-go without having to pay extra even after buying the disc for 60 friggin dollars
#42SuperHappyTreeePosted 3/26/2012 2:04:45 PM
I'm surprised no one mentioned the brand new mercenaries spin off extra sub game that is brand spanking new to the Resident Evil series... Beach Volleyball!

Thats right, you get to play as Chris, Leon, New Dude and Sherry on a exotic beach isle. Personalize your favorite character with DLC extras such as lotion, tan, sunglasses and various bikini/short patterns. If you pre-order at Best Buy, you will receive the exclusive navy blue STARS shorts, pre-order from Target for the exclusive Umbrella Bikini or pre-order from Amazon for the exclusive zombie head volleyball that moans each time you hit it.

I am so looking forward to the Beach Volleyball photo mode, where you can pose RE characters and take a shot for only $1 with the option to ship a print for $10.

But if this won't enough, I heard exciting rumors that Capcom is going to release a Beach Volleyball Team versus mode for a extra $5. The code will come on the disc, but it will require additional testing and if it is a quality addition, a unlock key can be brought from the store.

Also lets not forget about the Beach Volleyball reunion DLC for $25 which will include the one and only RE Legend Barry Burton and Lone Wolf from Operation Raccoon City. This DLC is required if you want to purchase Jill, Claire, Rebecca and Sheva for $5 a piece. Everyone has to buy this to even out the genders and plus I don't want to see only the men of RE get sweaty or just Sherry players online.

I can't wait!
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SuperHappyTreee posted...
I'm surprised no one mentioned the brand new mercenaries spin off extra sub game that is brand spanking new to the Resident Evil series... Beach Volleyball!

lol This would be hysterical.
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20% of the story.
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When you put the disc in it will go straight to the psn store or marketplace and it will tell you that you must buy the main menu dlc pack for $2. After you buy that you can press start. Then it takes you back to store to buy the sub menu dlc pack for another $2 Then you press Start Game and it takes you back to the store to buy the Difficulty Selection dlc pack for $1. After that you select normal mod and it takes you to the store again to buy the Normal difficulty dlc pack for $5. Right before the opening fmv starts you get taken to the store and have to buy the FMV dlc pack for $5. At first you don't hear any in game sound effects or music and find out you must buy the sound dlc pack for $5. Once the game starts you in a tutorial level it tells you the controls, For every control it tells you, you can't do the control until you buy that control for $.49 or the Complete control Pack for $4. When you try to pick up your first weapon it tells you to buy the weapon dlc pack for $3. Once you get to the first zombie it says you must buy the basic enemy dlc pack for $3. Then at the first sub-boss you must buy the sub-boss dlc pack for another $3. Then when you get to your first boss you must buy the boss pack for $5. Eventually you beat the game and it gets stuck until you buy the credits dlc pack for $2. Then when you want to try to play the game on veteran or professional mode you must buy that difficulty for $5. All of this isn't even counting the pre order bonus/special edition bonus, which is your character's clothes, b/c if you don't get the $80 special edition your character has to be naked. At least Capcom doesn't do Online Passes!