why leon is better then chris!

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3 years ago#1
1. He's quicker, more agile, and can think faster on his feet.
2. He beat 2! El Gigantes surrounded by a pool of lava with only a handgun and a pocket knife. It took a partner and an heavy armored tank with a mounted machine gun for Chris to kill 1!
3. Lasers......that is all.
4. Roundhouse kick> Punch to face
5. Funny how someone mentioned that Chris punches boulders and Leon runs from them...when in reality, Chris COULDN'T out run one.
6. Chris had a partner, while leon was PROTECTING a girl, all whilst facing much worst crap then chris had to put up with. 7. RE4>RE5
8. RE2>RE1
9. Leon's a freakin martial artist/assassin. Chris is...well....a guy on steroids.
10. In all honesty, I just can't picture Chris surviving even half way through resident evil 4. The laser scene would be more than enough to kill him.
11. Leon fought Krauser with nothing but a pocket knife. Chris needed rocket launchers and a partner to defeat Wesker. 12. Whilst Leon fanboys can be annoying, atleast they're not in denial about their characters abilities....*cough*Chris*cough*
13. Leon can jump through a window from a 3 story tall building. Chris has problems just climbing out a window on the ground level...ok ok a gross exaggeration but still :P
14. Leon has a cooler name.
15. Leon has cooler hair.
16. 14 and 15 were both opinionated yet still share in the majority of what people think.
17. Leon can get "overtime" whenever he wants. ;P
18. Leon faced two chainsaw weilding chicks in a pit full of ganados. Chris faced one very slow chainsaw weilding dude in an open area full of space.
19. Leon faced invisible praying mantis monsters, a blind dude like wolverine..(In a cage surrounded by archers might I add) was chased by a giant statue, and fought the left (or right hand?) monster in 3 cages suspended in mid FREAKIN AIR, WITH A TIME LIMIT WHERE THEY WOULD START DROPPING ONE BY ONE!....What did chris do????? walked around a furnace until mr glob monster burned to death... -_-Oh! and he punched a boulder. >_> Can't forget that last one, since that is pretty much every single Chris lovers defense for why he can beat leon, you know, because brawn over speed and inteligence...
And 20! .....*Drum roll* ............ Leon's just cooler in every single aspect. Chris is just lame random generic hero number 42731.

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3 years ago#2
I like them both for different reasons. Chris's arms are a bit distracting, though. Like, buff would be okay, but not over-the-top. Between Code:Veronica and RE5, he went from like Steve Buschemi to Duane Johnson.

Between the two of them, I'd say Leon has the more interesting personality, though.
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3 years ago#3
21. Leon is much more sexier then Chris
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3 years ago#4
Billy is the best. He deflowered Rebecca. That is better than punching boulders and styling your hair like Beiber.
3 years ago#5
Chris and the boulder

how Leon can surpass that thing

the best moment in resident evil
Kame Hame Ha
3 years ago#6
Number 15 was all that was necessary.
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3 years ago#7

From: kakarotozero | #005
Chris and the boulder

how Leon can surpass that thing

He already did, literally.
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3 years ago#8
Nicholai could take out both of them wannabe's!
3 years ago#9
I was thinking about replying, but this guy is just too funny. None of your reasons use facts from the game and the majority, if not, all of your reasons are purely biased and opinions.
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3 years ago#10
Leon is a girl magnet for a reason folks.
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