How long after release date will the Gold Edition with all DLC be released?

#11Mr_Big_BossPosted 5/19/2012 4:22:52 PM
I give it 9 months
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#12Shadow ReaverPosted 5/19/2012 5:49:31 PM
Cobra1010 posted...
However, i was happy paying full retail price for games until they introduced DLCs. Now the DLCs can cost as much the base game. So it only makes sense to wait a bit longer and get complete or goty editions cause they include all DLCs up to date along with base game for around half the price of the original retail price.

agreed. there are few and far between that i buy day 1 now-a-days.
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#13BerserkNinjaPosted 5/19/2012 7:25:07 PM
I will be waiting for a complete edition as well. If they don't do one, I'll wait to buy it used for super cheap.
#14topherous86Posted 5/20/2012 12:01:11 AM
Oh it won't be Gold Edition. It will be Game of the Year Edition! And it'll probably come out about a year from release, depending on how much DLC is planned to appeal to the crybaby fans that want Jill or Claire in the game.