If Claire isn't in the game...

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4 years ago#1
They really need to at least have Sherry mention her to Chris or something. "You're Chris Redfield? Your sister saved me when I was a kid." Something.
4 years ago#2
Nope, there's no way in hell I would let Claire on the battlefield. She and Jill are both safe back home and only serve for intel.

Sherry did mention Claire to me, but I already knew it when Claire mentioned her to me 15 years ago. Thank you for the concerns however
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4 years ago#3
They probably will during a crossover event. I'm really looking forward to those conversations.
4 years ago#4
A behind the doors presentation confirmed Leon and Sherry becoming partners (and Jake and Helena) for a brief moment during the China Ustanak fight. In the character exchange, Leon and Sherry have to drive a bus to ram Ustanak, and in the bus they talk briefly about Raccoon City.

So expect similar discussion between Chris and Sherry when they exchange characters in Serbia as shown in the E3 trailer.
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4 years ago#5
We all know that Chris is overprotective of Claire so having her disobey his wishes & crash the party anyway would add even more tension to the plot.

Claire could easily be worked into the present plot. If Chris is having emotional issues following his trauma it's only natural for his sister to be concerned about his wellbeing.
I could see Claire quitting TerraSave and trying to enlist in the BSAA only for the top brass to reject her applications (Actually Chris kept tossing them into the trashbin at human resources lol).

If anything, Helena's 2nd costume makes her look like a moody Claire clone..if you squint your eyes, lol. Must be the red vest & gloves.
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