Your reaction: Chris/Piers romance is canon and in one scene they kiss

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Snoopydance posted...
I could swear I posted this already, but I was just going to say:

Man, this topic really took off

Wesker will not be pleased to find out Chris replaced him with a rookie sniper named Piers. XD
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*Enters topic

*realizes purpose of topic


*Note, haven't been paying attention much to RE6 news but I didn't know who Piers was before entering this thread.
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Is Wesker a top or a bottom?
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CTU_007 posted...
Is Wesker a top or a bottom?

Snoopydance posted...
Wesker is the only person on earth who could top Chris


#86Leon Vine VanyaPosted 7/20/2012 7:58:41 PM
If there was a premise behind it, sure why not some Chris/Piers lovin (since Jill/Chris seems doomed to go anywhere, and Wesker is no more).
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RE6 would be my second favorite game.

Sorry but nothing beats REmake.
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