Australian Collectors Edition $250!?!?!

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soooooooo resident evil...???
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Because than we'd have to try fit in your country and that would include shooting your next door neighbour, eating lots of cheeseburgers, marrying your own cousin, becoming very ignorant about every other country, making sure you keep your wallet safe because as soon as you step out of your house you're likely to be robbed, having people like justin bieber and paris hilton as role models, making sure to play a sport in high school otherwise you'll likely start a shooting spree at school sometime due to isolation, having to be part of a nation that is hated by every other country, having your future decided on the colour of your skin, getting your brand new pair of sneakers you just bought for $100 stolen from you at knifepoint.....hmmm yeah that makes sense why don't we go live in the states and then we can like...... ummm.....what's that word......hmmm....oh that's right it's DIE!!

Actually if you put "lol silly Americans" in front of that I'd be inclined to agree with everything you said here lol.

Yeah America sucks but the fact that we don't have giant facehugger sized 1950 sci-fi movie spiderloid monstrosities cancels all that out.

Serious ignorant redneck American question, how often does the average Austrialian dude come in contact with a mega-spider? Is it rare? Please say it's rare cause f*** them some big spiders!!!

Huntsman spider.
They are harmless.
Hang a few blue tongued lizards from your curtains, keep the Huntsman at bay.
Or do what my uncle does and douse them in diesel and watch them melt.
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soooooooo resident evil...???