RE6 melee moves?

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4 years ago#1
Does RE6 have the special moves that RE5 had. For example, like Sheva's headcrusher, ,Jill's flipkick or Chris' haymaker.
4 years ago#2
4 years ago#3
Thanks billy but that doesn't answer my question. I asked the same question in a different site and got the answer you gave me. I dont know how else to ask it. I think i made it more than clear, i know there is melee. I want to know if there will be those special attacks when you do the three hit combo like in RE5.
4 years ago#4
There doesn't seem to be any team-up melee.
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4 years ago#5
I have seen videos do melee but none have TRIED doing the three hit combo. Me and my friend are big on that. We spent a lot of time in mercenaries doing just that. I wish someone could post a video trying to do it. Just to see. I cant believe no has tried it on the videos on youtube. There are many videos on those special moves from RE5. Someone just confirm it with the demo pleeeeeeease.
4 years ago#6
if you keep pressing the melee button yes you do a 3 hit combo, i was doing it in chris's demo yesterday.
4 years ago#7
I saw that Leon can do a 3-hit kick combo and Jake can do a 3-directional "beatdown" type move.
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4 years ago#8
Chris does a haymaker, just not the same way. It is one of his unique melee attacks now. Strangely enough he seems to have given his uppercut to Piers.
4 years ago#9
Thanks a lot guys. I really appreciate it. But my question is still not being answered. I give up. I'll try to see for myself when the demo comes to psn.
4 years ago#10
I know what you mean. You want to know if you can pass a dude back and forth with melee.

Characters still are able to do their pass back and forth finisher without the passing, so I'd bet it's gone.
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