The Truth of Ada's Campaign...

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4 years ago#11
darthmitten posted...

Capcom is catering to every fan base, and i know in some way people will still manage to hate on Ada's campaign -__-

You need to be hired by the police, those psychic powers could come in handy.
but seriously, you're right.
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4 years ago#12
Thanks Zurkon! Great news indeed. :)

xXxAdaxXx posted...
That's really weird.. Since the demo files confirmed there is indeed co-op for her scenario.

Maybe it is playable in co-op, but solo it's pure single-player. And the co-op partner is just an Ada clone, like how there's suddenly two Master Chiefs in Halo.

None the less, more Ada is always good. Though I really want her to be equipped with other weapons other than just a crossbow.

The crossbow and time bombs are probably just her exclusive weapons. (Remember, she had the crossbow in RE 4, which Leon couldn't use, but still had other weapons as well.)

largerock posted...
They really said that? Shouldn't this kind of thing be up to us to find out on our own?

If this were 2005 or earlier, then yes.
Oh man, I'm so glad I wore my quarantine suit today!
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