Don't know if im gonna get hated by this but...

#21SolidHaseoPosted 8/5/2012 4:15:03 PM
They're gonna kill Chris, I prefer Leon to Chris and would give incentive for Claire to be back
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#22paradoxx8Posted 8/5/2012 4:17:55 PM
i dont know why, but i dont see them killing anyone of the main characters.
#23SwiftyFXPosted 8/5/2012 9:12:57 PM
If anything, I think it'll be Jake who dies.

1) I think the idea of Chris dying for Jake is backwards. I think Jake will die saving Chris. Just for the irony of it.

2) Jake will die protecting Sherry. We can tell from the trailers that he becomes very protective of her.

I'm 100% sure Leon won't. In fact, Leon is gunna be in another CGI movie, isn't he? Damnation or something? But yeah, I guess Capcom's left it this long to have the two most popular male characters finally meet face to face in a game, it'd make sense if they chose now to kill one of them. They were never gunna do it before they featured alongside one another, but now there's nothing stopping them.
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