Sign if you bought the game and actually enjoy it despite the reviews and trolls

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Deusnocturne posted...
ITT: People who never played a RE before RE4. Thanks for ruining this series for real fans....

Grow up, i.e. change with the times. If not, drop it. It's a game, who cares? You think I'll give it a second glance if it goes down a territory I dislike? No. I just let it go. I'm not fixated on any one game or story for that matter. I don't like the change = cya!
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Signs- the reviewer and others who are pulling crap for attention should be slapped.
But I'm not telling you anything you didn't already know.
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signed and Loved it so far from Leon's campaign .
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Its everything I thought it was going to be and more.
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Anyone signing this are the ones that are wrong with the game industry today. Your all the reason why bad games get released and they keep releasing them. You should all be a shame of yourselves.