Sign if you bought the game and actually enjoy it despite the reviews and trolls

#331MoonlightTrollPosted 10/8/2012 5:52:04 AM

Loved Leon and Ada campaign. Though Jake's was unique and mostly enjoyable; though Chris' except for chapter 4 was horrible crap. 3 out of 4 aint bad at all though.
#332kanto_wandererPosted 10/8/2012 7:06:52 PM
TwistedMaestro posted...
Man, look at all these suckers.

I'm pretty you guys will buy all of the on-disc DLC that will soon be announced and the Ultimate Deluxe Arcade Gold Edition that will be released in a half year. If this keeps up, Resident Evil 7 will have perks and killstreaks, screw zombies and survival horror.

Any group of people who will write out *signs* just because you ask em to are probably pretty easily manipulated. That said, I don't dislike RE6, I just think Capcom was too indecisive about what kind of game they were making.
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*sings then signs*
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I regret starting this game with the mindset that Leon's Campaign would be the only good one, but I'm really enjoying the story linked between all three. Its also awesome that we get a 4th campaign too. I can't believe how much people exaggerate on the minor flaws of this game, like any game is perfect >_>
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"omg its not survival horror anymore! this game sucks! give it a 2/10"

You know good and well if resident evil would've stayed the same, those same haters and trolls would be complaining about the series not evolving and changing. This game kicks a lot of ass,its a 8/10 for me.