Sign if you bought the game and actually enjoy it despite the reviews and trolls

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Madigari posted...
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Words go here.

>:| I know you. You sure do like your money.

What is this Bizenya?
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triple sign
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Enjoying this game very much. I knew I'd enjoy it after the demo. Just finished Leon chapter 2. Alternating between single and co-op. playing with a friend is fun!
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I love that game so much. Respect +100.
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I'm enjoying it so far. A lot of the hate comes from people not liking(or trying to accept change) the direction the franchise is going . I'm a huge RE fan and I'll be the first to tell someone it's certainly not the best game of the series(RE4 easy) but I think this is a great stepping stone for the franchise heading into the next gen of hardware. I personally love the action and I really like the control you have in the game.well in most areas anyway. Way to much hate going around. If you like action games that let you blow**** up and great graphics with a RE story thread buy it. If you're excepting skyrimesque type of evolution don't.

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Long time RE fan, started right when the franchise started back with the first Resident Evil on PSX and played every release with the exception of Gaiden. I'm having a blast with RE6 and only on chapter 3 of my first campaign (Leons)
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*not signed*

Sorry, didn't enjoy it. Resident Evil Revelations is FAR superior, both as an action AND a horror game.
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Should have just made it a poll.
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Just began Chapter 3 with Leon, really quite impressed with it! I can't understand the negativity unless the other 3 campaigns are just awful, which I doubt very much. Cheers!
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