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aim issues?

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4 years ago#1
Is anyone else finding it awkward to aim at guys that are very close to you?
4 years ago#2
No, I just usually melee if they're too close.
PSN ID: dbostick
3DS- dbostick:1805-2579-7230
4 years ago#3
try using quick shot (L1 + R1) if they are very close
4 years ago#4
Wow, this game really has too many gameplay options. I keep finding out about new stuff all the time. I like!
PSN ID: dbostick
3DS- dbostick:1805-2579-7230
4 years ago#5
me too, it feels way more effective to beat zombies till they melt than it dose to shoot them in the head. But when i do try to shoot at something close it seams like i miss shots that shout clearly hit

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