I think RE6 reviews is a perfect example of "hardcore" gamers being unable to...

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Finally more people see the greatness in this game!!!
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Yea man its so hardcore to have lots of explosion and enviroment destruction segments with vehicles and chases and qte mashing. So hardcore bro.

Would you prefer crate pushing?

Nice try but this game has plenty of crate pushing as well. Also as much as I like the old style of previous Resident Evil my problems with this game stem from the problems with the actual game.
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abnergoinbig posted...
Finally more people see the greatness in this game!!!

lol capcom employer at is finest
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finished Leon's campaing, I lost count of the number of time I died XD
Game is still fun, so many Zombies...maybe too many of them, or maybe i'm a noob but...The game didn't deserve 4.5, imo.

6.5 min

but they did abuse of last bosses (me and friend RAGED LIKE CRAZY! )and QTE XD
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Dr_Kain posted...
Do I like what has happened to RE? No.

Did I buy RE6? Yes, because I am still a Resident Evil fan in the end. Hell, I have been suffering through the live action movies.

Do I like RE6? Sadly, no. I beat the first two chapters to Leon's game and thus far, I am not enjoying it all that much. It has some great moments. Like I love the puzzles and stuff inside the cathedral, but it was all too short compared to the amount of time I have spent shooting zombies that don't seem to know what a headshot is.

I'm hoping that Leon's is the worst of the playable characters because I totally agree with Kain...headshots have no meaning in this shoot fest.