I can't resist grinding in Mercs for skill points now >_>

#1SnoopydancePosted 10/2/2012 10:30:02 PM
In particular I want to upgrade the skill (can't help but want to call them perks) that makes your partner heal you when they help you up. The moment I realized that the skill points were shared I knew I was doomed to grind a million points. Although I won't be able to redeem them until the end of the next campaign chapter

That and blowing up 5 Bloodshots at the same time feels too good to pass up. Just unlocked Samurai Chris. A little disheartened by the fact that you need 100,000 points just to get an A. That would be an S in RE4/5, wouldn't it? Oh well. Maybe it's balanced for how quickly the enemies can die now with the melee and everything and possibly the skills.