This game is more difficult than RE5.

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User Info: Buddy_Dacote

4 years ago#11
Pull both triggers at the same time, I think. Consumes stamina though.

User Info: pure mind games

pure mind games
4 years ago#12
From: blizzardrg | #010
How do you quickshot?

Resident Evil 4 Playtrough part Final

User Info: blizzardrg

4 years ago#13

How do you use the remote control? Its in my inventory but no way to use it.

User Info: slapper1

4 years ago#14
Select it by using the up or down directional buttons then run to a place you want to set it and press L1. Run a good distance away and while holding down L1 to prep the charge, press R1 to detonate the explosive. Very useful in crowds and boss fights.
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User Info: 82xeno

4 years ago#15
I think either L1 alone places it, or hold L1 and press R1 to place it. You can only place one remote bomb at a time. Same control to detonate, IIRC.

These are mighty useful for the Fatty's in Chapter 1!

Thanks for the quickshot buttons, never even knew these existed, gonna have a ball now.
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User Info: samjeez62

4 years ago#16
i died a lot too dont worry, the only place that gave me issues where the final boss battle in RE5 and the one in RE6 Leon campaign

User Info: Epic12Gauge

4 years ago#17
blizzardrg posted...
How do you quickshot?

tap L1+R1 together and you snap toward your nearest enemy and stun shot them. also, if you ever go down by a zombie, if you hit R1 as soon asyou hit the groundyou shoot them off. Thus, eliminating the "qte" dilemma with that lol

User Info: kakarotozero

4 years ago#18
blizzardrg posted...
How do you quickshot?

L1 + R1
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User Info: Billysan

4 years ago#19
KeryAdams posted...
Once I figured out the melee system, I don't think I shot another bullet for the rest of chapter 1.

How you tire out so easily especially with how many enemies there are. Oh wait only chapter one...that makes sense.
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  3. This game is more difficult than RE5.

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