Capcom deserves all this abuse

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4 years ago#71
I agree with this point an earlier poster brought up:

A) You have no idea the amount of time/effort it takes to make a game like this.

I would bet my life that less than 1% of people posting on here have ever worked on a project as diligently, put in as much time, blood, sweat, effort, etc, on anything in their professional lives, EVER, as the average Capcom develper probably did during the development of RE6, nor will EVER in their lives actually CREATE something that could ever be considered art in any kind of form. And this was done all to eagerly bring it out to us, the customer, so that we may be entertained by their product (and admittedly so the beforementioned developer could make his living)

Then the game comes, a few reviews come out, and people act like Capcom murdered half of their family.

Seriously, its a videogame, and it just happens have some seriously mixed reviews. Deal with it. Play the game, enjoy it, or don't. Or don't buy it. But quit acting like Capcom is molesting all of your first born children over this.
4 years ago#72
edward18 posted...
and you could get used to how the internet works

Et tu? I've already specifically stated exactly how the internet works. Twice.

"I'm a big man. You suck. Beat my chest because I can't anywhere else because I'd get stomped." (I.E. Destron)

I've been trying to have a conversation with you guys, which was mostly successful with you and one other person.
4 years ago#73
yes, but you get pretty intolerable towards people just from them saying that company sucks
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4 years ago#74
Personally, my dislike for Capcom goes beyond the Mega Man issue, though that is a big part of it, and directly relates to how they build and market their products in most recent years.

They seem to have lost touch with the gamers, and have become a wholly capitalistic entity, which I am firmly against in any kind of business. They are more concerned with their profit margins then with making quality art, which I feel video games were becoming (and still are for some developers). The complete style changes of Resident Evil, the westernized re-boot of Devil May Cry, the DLC practices (which I admit they have apologized for), and the spitefulness to the Mega Man fans and series has all made me realize that they are not the same company I had loved in my youth. They have grown to big, and that can be fatal in any artistic business. It is the same reason I usually will not support Hollywood films, and prefer to watch indie based productions.

Capcom has joined the likes of Activison and EA in putting the $$$ above the art they create. Do not get me wrong, all of the above companies have some great developers working for them, but their shallow business practices overshadows any of the great products they may create.

There are still few companies in the video game industry that I do love, due to them focusing more on the quality and direction of their games, over the amount of profit they will make from them. Of course they need money to survive, but coming out with a good product and making their vision come to life is the most important thing. They realize if they can truly create a unique vision, and a compelling piece of art, people will most likely buy it any way. These companies include Valve, Atlus, Rockstar, and Platinum Games.

I feel bad for the developers at Capcom, because they are going to take unnecessary flak for the decisions of the corporate execs. and the investors, but that is the danger of working for people who care more about their wallet then the art you create. I would rather see the video game industry completely topple, and be rebuilt from the ground up then to see the practices of Ea, Activision, and Capcom continue. I feel the developers working for them could do much better things building games for digital distribution and the Iphone then continuing making these big budget, AAA titles that are all flash and no substance. I will always feel artistic vision is greater then developing things solely for the money. Unfortunately, my ideals are not widely held by the gaming community at large, and until they are we will continue to see companies like Capcom and EA thrive by mass producing content aimed specifically at raking in the most profit over actually building unique experiences and trying to expand the philosophy of game design. We need a gaming renaissance, though I don't see it coming anytime soon.
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4 years ago#75
edward18 posted...
yes, but you get pretty intolerable towards people just from them saying that company sucks

Anything but, and to say otherwise is completely inaccurate. I've never chastised anyone for their opinions about the company or game. Debate? Sure, but is that not the point of these boards? The last I checked, debating was not against TOS.

Flaming is, however. I do prod when people like Destron insult someone's intelligence or behaves in a manner that indicates they are better than someone else over the internet. If for no other reason than that I find it goofy that someone's self-esteem is so low as to hop on the internet to try to make themselves feel dominant.
4 years ago#76
perhaps me's mistaking you for someone else...
Before you die you see the Tails Doll---Backdrop Observer of the Metroid: Other M board
Apparently Edward: Wise Old Sage of Korodai
4 years ago#77
edward18 posted...
perhaps me's mistaking you for someone else...

Maybe, we've had a couple of discussions before. Pretty decent ones, actually.

It's a slow day at work and I figured I'd see what all this Capcom fuss was all about, specifically.
4 years ago#78
they should shut down and sell

i think EA, THQ and activision can do a better job with capcoms games
CAPCOM = Conning All Players Cash Over Morals
4 years ago#79
Capcom only apologized because someone called them out on their on-disc DLC bull****, and they were caught with their pants down... and what this means is that in the future, they will do a better job of concealing their despicable actions.

However, I think that cancelling the MML series was a good decision, though the method by which they did it highlights their disconnect from the fans.
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4 years ago#80
Say da word brotha
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