Why is this game no longer scary?

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I'm pretty sure the vast majority of gamers didn't have a crippling phobia related to Resident Evil that made the games, on the whole, a terrifying experience. Also, I doubt that was all Capcom relied upon.

By the way...comparing childhood ignorance to a carefully engineered experience seems off to me.


There's nothing 'carefully engineered' about the 'horror' in early resident evils. It was basically 'Theres zombies in it'

and when the vast majority of children would get scared because of their fear of zombies, that would apply to there being a crippling phobia related to Resident Evil.

By the way... by saying 'comparing childhood ignorance to a carefully engineered experience seems off to me' already shows that you acknowledge that children do get scared by different things.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Thank you.

I guess i'll take your opinion at face value, and let it override the critical acclaim the series has received over the years (particularly pre-RE4), believing that it was solely the fear of zombies that made Resident Evil so feared. It couldn't possibly be music, atmosphere, pacing, supply conservation and other beasties. Nope.
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There's no more buildup or tension. Fear isn't caused by having grotesque creatures jump out of cupboards, it's caused by putting the player in an environment that allows their imagination to run wild and feel like something might be lurking inside any cupboard in the whole pantry. The other way games tend to promote fear is by making the player feel helpless. Over time the RE series has ramped up the action, which means less downtime to build tension and more effective combat options for the player.
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wanna get scared? play slender
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Resident evil was originally scary due to awkward controls and camera angles that made it hard to know where your enemy is.
Also the inventory management and low ammo meant you could not kill everything.
The horror died when they made the controls more fluid and let you have more ammo.
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Because it totally fails to muster any tension or horror. Some of the fanboys here do not want to hear this and calm "oh I am never scared of games and I have grown up anyway" but really its because the game is **** at being scary and outright has ****** up in this area SEEING THAT the producer said he is making a scary action game. FAILED IN ONE AREA THEN DIDN'T HE!?
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I never found RE scary, cheap thrill's and dog's in windows are not scary, I prefer psychological horrors to what RE was, and mostly still is.

The scariest thing about RE is the live action opening and voice acting in the first one...

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What I think is the reason is because in RE2 you felt pretty helpless and needed to think about ammo and such. Now enemies and random boxes drop ammo. You kinda feel protected with that much ammo, then when you run out you still have melee attacks. RE2 didn't have any of that. You had to come across ammo and think about using it.
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i was 16 when resident evil 1 came out and it was only kinda scary. and that was usually when a zombie or a dof jumped outta no where on a path where they previously wasnt there.
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Resident Evil was never scary. It had jump scares, but that's it. The scariest RE game is REmake and that's only in the beginning. RE3 outside of Nemesis was hardly scary and nothing in RECV was scary. RE4 imo, had more jump scares tan those games.
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Vegeta1000 posted...
Resident Evil was never scary. It had jump scares, but that's it.

Uh huh.
Jack Nicholson is the only man alive that can make dancing to Prince, scary.