Was anybody around on RE boards during 2000-2003?

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Because some people are born in this world just to complain.

This ended the thread.

It did?
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Vegeta1000 posted...
so why are fans complaining about the new direction the series has taken?

Just because the series was getting stale doesn't mean that ANY new direction would be good. When fans wanted a refreshing formula they probably didn't mean this at all.
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Regardless of whether or not the games needed a new direction, the direction they took still sucks ass. Word.
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The direction wouldn't be bad if it was well implemented.

RE4 and RE5 were well done.. Even though I didn't like some of RE5's design choices, live inventory and partner being the main 2, it was still a well made game

RE6, is just a broken mess of a game. It's just full of very subpar mechanics and design. Nothing outside of cutscenes has even close to decent production values and polish.

It simply, feels like a third rate third person shooter
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Eh, I stand by the thought that if RE4 hadn't of shook things up the series would of died. I mean, the game was scraped twice before it evolved into what was released because the old formula just didn't work anymore.
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