Female with the BEST BOOTY in an RE game

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She has more booty detail than any other character in Resident Evil.
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I'd say overall definitely Jill or Claire. From what little I can remember when it show's Ada's ass - it's great too.
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People here just forgot about Rebecca I see...

Ms Tiny Butt doesn't compare...
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TIGERBLOOD87 posted...
Deborah FTW, got that bubble butt and she's covered in oil!!!!

hot boss fight : )
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all of them. no seriously, all of them.

but iv always had a thing for claire so her :)
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WalkingPlague posted...
RE5 - Excella "Kardashian" Gionne
RE6 - Helena "Puerto Rican Booty" Harper


Kardashian... LOL! I see that now.... Mmmmmm.

For me I like Helena and Sheva. Looks tight. ;)

But Jill, got some nice thighs to match. I like nice thighs...
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BasementDude posted...
i need a claire butt pillow

Claire's booty in the Darkside Chronicles cutscene in the computer room was STUNNING.

You talking about the one when she bends over? And theres a cameltoe or something?
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