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The High Seas Fortress Stage -Give-A-Way-

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3 years ago#1
ONE Code
pick a number between 1-100
one post per account
first person to get number, gets code
closest person to number, 24 hours from now
3 years ago#2
SoloAce00: "I'm getting sick of hearing you bash us for saying M ratings make the game good."
3 years ago#3
3 years ago#4
This is a sig, woo.
3 years ago#5
number 77
3 years ago#6
PSN: Airaa-
FC: 3566-2649-5921
3 years ago#7
Sixty Nine (69)
3 years ago#8
Pokemon Black: 2494 3771 0423
3 years ago#9
Not changing my signature until Resident Evil 2 is remade, and Gouki is included (in-game or as DLC) in a non-campaign mode.
3 years ago#10

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  3. The High Seas Fortress Stage -Give-A-Way-

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