Dodge roll and camera personal problems.

#1badbadkittyPosted 10/5/2012 1:19:12 PM(edited)
So I realize that can only effectively dodge roll to the left. For some reason my left thumb is too retarded to do this move to the right. I wind up falling on my back instead.

Got the game today from Amazon and my the biggest complaint still is how the camera bounces all over the place. Do a melee move and camera has to follow you and bounce everywhere with every little movement.

Why Capcom? Why such craziness with the melee-cam? I don't need to see Leon bashing a zombie's head into a wall from above. That's just not good to jerk the camera up the z-axis and point it down and then back to eye-level again. It's just stupid. They should have the option to turn that crap off like in New Vegas.

Besides that, I've been having fun.