Capcom sure has a thing for younger men and older women relationship

#11Steven-ChasePosted 10/6/2012 11:37:29 AM
The only canonical pairings that I can think of all involve Leon. Leon's campaign hints heavily at him having feelings for Ada, and he also shared a kiss with Angela in Degeneration. Then there's that bonus scene in RE4 where he flirts with Hunnigan... Also the fact Ashley flirts with him in RE4, but in both instances, it goes no where.

I can't think of much beyond that. But basically, Leon is the franchise's go-to guy when romance is involved.
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Jill and Chris's relationship is heavily implied in both RE5 and Revelations.
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no wonder Ada never take him seriously

Leon is such a player, LOL
#14Steven-ChasePosted 10/6/2012 11:42:53 AM
Alky88 posted...
Jill and Chris's relationship is heavily implied in both RE5 and Revelations.

It is? I missed that entirely. It seemed more like a strong bond as longtime friends and partners than anything romantic.
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Leon and Chris totally have the hots for each other. I mean just look at the scene in RE6 where they fight, you can feel the sexual tension. That wasn't a fight, it was just an excuse for them to grope each other ;)
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Its fiction does it really matter?
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Blackmarvel79 posted...
Its fiction does it really matter?

yeah........why so serious?
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demi moore
are all working for capcom
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'Its fiction does it really matter?'

If we are going to use that logic then why even play the game? It's just fiction. Why should we care if any of the characters live and die and the game? It's just fiction, does it really matter?

See, that attitude is a buzz kill so lose it.
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thank you. Gamers are just not what they used to be.
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