Should I buy this or wait?

#1Conan1001Posted 10/6/2012 7:35:24 PM
I wanna buy this game but I don't know if its worth $60. What do you guys think is it worth the money? I wanted hear your opinions before I go and spend money.
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#2Kyodai_dbostickPosted 10/6/2012 9:13:46 PM
Buy it, fan or not.
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#4DarkJediMikePosted 10/6/2012 9:20:56 PM
I just bought it today.

Seems to be a lenghty game. I'm taking more than an hour to finish each chapter and I finding myself rushing through them, so it will be a 15-20hours playthrough (4 campaigns).

Story is really interesting, makes you want to keep playing to know more.

Finally, gameplay is a logic evolution from RE5.

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#5Hannibal_WeskerPosted 10/6/2012 9:45:03 PM
What is it with people and this "is it worth the money?" stuff these days?

Back in MY DAY (old fart rage tiem! WOO!!!), if it was cool and you wanted it, it was worth the dough! Hell, back in the day I paid $50 for fighting games with ONE mode and maybe 8 playable characters with no unlockables at all. Still loved that **** to death and it was totally worth it just for that reason alone.

RE6 is effectively 4 games in one, plus Mercs mode and online play. Leon, Chris, Jake and the "secret" character each have their own story, the first 3 with second playable characters (there are differances if youi play as the sidekicks, believe it or not), so you basically have to beat the game 7 times to do everythiong there is to do.

It takes anywhere from 5 to 10 hours to beat each story as well. And on top of that, each story has it';s own style and pace.

Leon's game is like a cross between RE4 and classic RE with elements of RE Revelations mixed in.

Chris' game is like RE5 and MGS4 had a baby (it's seriously awesome iof you're just into action games)

Jakes game reminds me of a spy movie, has the most vehicle segments and has actual exploration, item collecting and some classic RE inspired areas (like a mansion for example). Not to mention a Nemesis like enemy that follows you around.

The "secret" character's game reminds me of RE3, because while it was puzzles and exploration, it has a decent ammount of action as well.

Then you have mercs mode and agent hunt, as well as being able to play all the stories in online or split screen co-op. In addition to THAT, the gameplay has a lot of subtle little things you can do (like dive into a group of enemies, leaving a mine while you do so, then BOOM) and the skill system is more robust than some RPGs (well, not Skyrim, I'm talking like a regular ol' RPG)

How THIS game isn't worth $60 is beyond me. Hell, it has more content than some 40 hour long RPGs I've played...

If you want it, just buiy it, and enjoy it. Also ignore the haters, it doesn't matter what other people think, it's what YOU like or dislike about something that matters.

If you liked the demo, you'll love the full game.
#6k7lifePosted 10/6/2012 9:47:33 PM
I would say buy right now but black friday is coming up soon so you could wait.
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#7KenpoKid69Posted 10/6/2012 9:49:40 PM
This is almost going to be a for sure "great deal" game for Black Friday. So if you can hold out, I would buy it then.
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#8YermomHoudiniPosted 10/6/2012 9:51:14 PM
I am going to wait because signs indicate capcom might panic and do sales soon.
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#9chaos_sage0265Posted 10/6/2012 9:56:39 PM
Wait. Preorders were very low and Capcom shipped far too many copies. You will see sales soon.
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#10Dark_SpiretPosted 10/6/2012 10:09:15 PM
id say youre definitely getting your moneys worth with this as it is, but no one would blame you for waiting on this. chances are being Capcom theyll put out a goty or special edition with lots of dlc and new content, maybe some needed patching and a price cut within 6-8 months.
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