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4 years ago#1
Just beat Leons campaign...wanting to play one of the other two but the only real option I see is new game+ and from what I know that usually means the game is 10 times harder this time around and I don't want that...basically what I'm the game going to be ridiculously hard now that I'm trying to do someone else's campaign?
4 years ago#2
Go into chapter select and then you can select what campaign you want to play. New Game + allows you to keep all your skills but you have to find all emblems again. Think you start off with the basic weapons you start each campaign with as well.

That is what the guidebooks says which I have got.
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4 years ago#3
just means you can use all the weapons you have collected, instead of starting with the default weapons
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4 years ago#4
Ok so it doesn't make the game harder (which is what I wanted to hear) but since you keep your weapons do the weapons that you would normally collect in the other persons campaign still appear? Because I know Chris will find bigger guns than Leon...that's just how he is haha...
4 years ago#5
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