Chris chapter 5 i just cant escape the BOW

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theycallmebo posted...
Oh great... I'll be doing this chapter tomorrow and it sounds rather unpleasant.

I am sorry, i did not want to ruin the game for you, i don't understand why i get so mad and rage like i do, i always end up breaking something, i suck at videogames i enjoyed the game Jake and Leon campaign but since i was stuck at that part and probably would never have made it, keep dying all the time i get mad. I spend 60$ for this and am not able to finish it, and the dvd is in the garbage torn a part.

I am sure i am not the only one that gets game rage like this, but some times the videogame company look like they are going it on purpose to piss us off casual gamers.
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Alky88 posted...
You broke a 60 $ game for this? Are you serious? Lol...
As far as I can tell you probably weren't dashing at all because there's no way you could die before the slide.


Heck I have yet to die on any of the running parts yet, I certainly would not break something that cost me $60 because im frustrated at it.....
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I use to rage break my games all the time when I was younger. Don't feel bad.

Pretty frickin' hilarious though.
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Ya man said he threw the controller in the air lmao.
Cot damn!
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i get stuck with this part too, i am playing the professional difficulty and i am with tc, the camera in this part is terrible, it confuses me! i pass the slide part without too much trouble but i died not long after that. died 10 times already but still couldnt pass. this part of game is quiet annoying i agree with you tc.
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LOL wow, I died like 30+ times on this part but I kept playing until I got it. Hell at one point it was the AI that was messing it all up for me.

It took me 2 days before I calmed myself down enough to sit for a good 30 minutes trying to get past this point. Yeah it pissed me off too, but I never ripped a $60 game up. What a waste of money.
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Funny because I did this on my first try on professional without ever playing it before xP
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I was having as much trouble as you were on this part, I eventually realized that you just have to hold the X button the entire time and he'll jump automatically.

Their cinematic attempts at looking like Uncharted failed big time.
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finally i did it! 13 tries!