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4 years ago#1
From what I see, the quickest ways to get points for costumes is to unlock the web badges and medals. One of them, requires you to make 10 site buddies. There could be hidden ones for more site buddies then that. I've already gotten a number of them that werent shown on the list. Figure I'll start a new thread, for those of us up for friend collecting for points. If you would like to add me, user search for Femup.
4 years ago#2
feel free to add me too
4 years ago#3
Oh yay a topic for this!
Nickname: U.S.S HUNK
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4 years ago#4

add me! :)
PSN ID: dbostick
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4 years ago#5
4 years ago#6
search misterfoof and add me
(message deleted)
4 years ago#8
Add Silver Phoenix, and DO IT NOWWWWW.

Rotate my analog stick for a suprise.
4 years ago#9
ID: NamelessMacabre
Nickname: Nameless
PSN - NamelessMacabre
4 years ago#10
Add me please! ;D

ID: frozenleafz
PSN: FrozenLeafz
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