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REposting topic due to the original having an out of place info post. The following information is brought to by the official Resident Evil 6 guide formed by the research of BradyGames. So all props go to them and the book. PLEASE DO NOT post until I have completed posting all the info for you guys, thank you. And thank you to those who had and or are going to request a sticky. I look forward to playing with you, my fellow RE fans in the future. I hope this info helps you all in one way or another.


- [ The Basics ]

The Mercenaries gives you two minutes to rank up as many points possible through various means. Your best bet is to stay moving, collect time and defeat enemies quickly, efficiently and continuously as to not drop the kill combo. Familiarizing your self with the map you are playing will help as well as all time extensions, combo times and items placed around the map never change location.

- [ Hourglasses & "Combo Time" ]

Each stage in The Mercenaries contains large yellow hourglass shaped breakables that provide unique time bonuses. Note that hourglasses grant different amounts of time depending on the one you break, these amounts are predetermined but are not made obvious to the player until the hourglass is broken. They can only be broken by a melee attack or sliding into them.

Use gunfire to break the green hourglasses, these put you into "combo time" where you will receive an extra 1,000 points for each additional combo you perform as long as it is active. Combo times only last for 30 seconds so make them count.

- [ Time Bonuses ]

In addition to the yellow hourglasses defeating enemies in certain ways will grant additional time.

Yellow Hourglass - 30,60 or 60 seconds
Melee weapon/attack finisher - 5 seconds
Coup de Grace - 7 seconds
Counter Finish - 10 seconds

- [ Scoring ]
If a boss is killed in a combo your combo bonus will increase depending on the portion of the combo that you killed the enemy in. It is recommended (to maximize points) if you don't have much of a combo bonus when one of these larger creatures spawn to kill some smaller enemies before finishing off the boss.

Combo / Bonus / Boss Bonus

2 combo / 40 / 750
3 combo / 100 / 1,500
4 combo / 200 / 2,250
5 combo / 400 / 3,000
6 combo / 500 / 3,750
7 combo / 600 / 4,500
8 combo / 700 / 5,250
9 combo / 800 / 6,000
10-19 combo / 1,000 / 6,750
20-29 combo / 1,200 / 7,500
30-39 combo / 1,400 / 8,250
40-49 combo / 1,700 / 9,000
50-59 combo / 2,000 / 10,500
60-69 combo / 2,400 / 12,000
70-79 combo / 2,800 / 15,000
80-89 combo / 3,400 / 18,000
09-99 combo / 4,000 / 22,500
100-109 combo / 6,000 / 30,000
110-119 combo / 8,000/ 45,00
120-129 combo / 12,000 / 60,000
130-139 combo / 20,000 / 75,000
140-149 combo / 30,000 / 90,000
150 hit combo! / 60,000 / 150,000

- [ Point Value ]
Each enemy is worth a specific number of points, no matter how you kill them. Note that the enemies worth high point value tend to increase your combo bonus. Even though Zombie Dogs are worth only 100 points they provide the same combo bonus as normal Zombies or J'avo. If you finish all 150 enemies in a stage before time is over you earn 200 point bonuses for every second left on the clock.

Creature / Score Awarded

Zombies (300)
J’avo (300)
Zombie Dog (100)
Ja’vo with 1 mutation (500)
Bloodshot (600)
Shrieker (800)
Whopper (1,000)
Napad (1,500)
Strelats (1,500)
Gnezdo (3,000)

(more to be posted...)
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- [ Rank ]
When your time in Mercenaries runs out (and the player(s) is/are alive) you will receive a grade based on your score. To get the highest scores you must complete a combo bonus for almost the entire duration of the stage. Remember when solo, you face normal difficulty enemies, when playing as a duo you will be challenged by veteran level enemies.

Rank / Score Required when solo / with partner

[ E ] 0-39,000 / 0-59,999
[ D ] 40,000-59,999 / 60,000-89,999
[ C ] 60,000-79,999 / 90,000-119,999
[ B ] 80,000-99,999 / 120,000-179,999
[ A ] 100,000-139,999 / 180,000-219,999
[ S ] 140,000+ / 220,000+

- [ Rewards ]

Steel Beast (stage) – Complete Chris’ campaign.
Mining the Depths (stage) – Complete Jake’s campaign.
Ada Wong – Complete Ada’s campaign.
Helena Harper – Complete Urban Chaos map with a B or higher
Piers Nivans – Complete Steel Beast map with a B or higher
Sherry Birkin – Complete Mining the Depths with a B or higher
Costume 1 – Complete any stage with an A rank or higher as that character
Carla – Unlock every character and every characters costume 1

- [ Mercenaries skills ]

Fill your self in soldier, its right there before you head out on your mission. Pretty straight forward and self explanatory.

- [ The Maps ]

~~~~ Urban Chaos ~~~~

Enemy waves:
Zombie Cops
Zombie Dogs x9
Firefighter Zombies
BSAA Zombies
Bloodshot BSAA Zombie x2
Whopper x1
Spitting Zombies
Bloodshot x9
Firefighter Zombies
Whoopers x2
Zombie Cops
Zombie Dogs x7
Bloodshot BSAA Zombies

Secret Boss: Napad - Kill 15 enemies with counters before you've killed 80 enemies.

Items found: First-Aid Spray, Flash Grenade, Hand Grenade, Incendiary Grenade, Remote Bomb, Red Herb, Green Herb.

~~~~ Steel Beast ~~~~

Enemy Waves:
Melee J'avo
Ruka-Srp x4
Noga-Let x5
Rocket Launcher J'avo x2
Sniper J'avo x1
Napad x8
Telo-Eksplozija x11
Melee J'avo
Noga-Skakanje x11
Sniper J'avo x1
J'avo to Ruka-Srp mutation x4
Ruka-Bedem x8
Glava-Smech x9
Telo-Eksplozija x9
Rocket Launcher J'avo x1
Melee J'avo

Secret Boss: Gnezdo - Defeat 25 enemies with coup de grace attacks before you've killed 80 enemies.

Items Found: First-Aid Spray, Hand Grenade, Incendiary Grenade, Remote Bomb, Green Herb.

~~~~ Mining The Depths ~~~~

Enemy Waves:
Firefighter Zombies
Zombie Dog x7
Shriekers x2
BSAA Zombies
Zombie Dog x5
Firefighter Zombies
Bloodshot x11
Dynamite Zombies
Shrieker x1
Bloodshot x7
Firefighter Zombies
BSAA Zombie
Zombie Dog x12
Shrieker x1

Secret Boss: Strelats - Kill 70 enemies before 600 seconds have elapsed.

Items Found: Firs-Aid Spray, Flash Grenade, Hand Grenade, Incendiary Grenade, Red Herb.

(more to be posted...)
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The Characters, alts, load-outs and recommended skills:

[ Leon Scott Kennedy ]

Load-Out: Wing Shooter x18, Shotgun x8, Remote Bomb x4, 9mm Ammo x50, 12-Guage Shells x8, Healing Tablets x8.

Recommended Skills: Quick Shot Damage Increase, Item Drop Increase, Power Counter.

[ Leon “booty raider” Kennedy ]

Load-Out: Assault Rifle RN x30, Sniper Rifle x6, Grenade Launcher x5, 5.56mm Ammo x60, 7.62mm Ammo x30, Healing Tablets x4.

Recommended Skills: Target Master, Item Drop Increase.

[ Helena Harper ]

Load-Out: Picador x16, Hydra x3, Grenade Launcher x6, 9mm Ammo x50, 10-Guage Shells x30, Healing Tablets x6.

Recommended Skills: Quick Shot Power Increase, Counter Master, Pharmacist.

[ Helena “assume the position” Harper ]

Load-Out: Ammo Box 50 x50, Sniper Rifle x6, Herb (red) x1, First-Aid Spray x1,
Incendiary Grenade x3, 9mm Ammo x50, 7.62mm Ammo x20.

Recommended Skills: Eagle Eye, Target Master, Take it Easy.

[ Chris Redfield ]

Load-Out: Assault Rifle Special Tactics x30, Lightning Hawk x7, Combat Knife, Hand Grenade x3, 5.56mm Ammo x60, .50 Action-Express Magnum Ammo x7

Recommended Skills: Item Drop Increase, Target Master, Natural Healing.

[ Chirs “the last Samurai” Redfield ]

Load-Out: 909 x15, Shotgun x8, Rocket Launcher x1, 9mm Ammo x50, 12-Guage Shells x20, Healing Tablet x6.

Recommended Skills: Power Counter, Item Drop Increase, Quick Shot Damage Increase.

[ Piers Nivans ]

Load-Out: MP-AF x30, Anti-Material Rifle x10, First-Aid Spray x1, Remote Bomb x3, 9mm Ammo x50, AM Rifle Ammo x20, Healing Tablet x1.

Recommended Skills: Target Master, Item Drop Increase.

[ Piers “shake – n - bake” Nivans ]

Load-Out: Ammo Box 50 x50, Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle x5, Assault Shotgun x7, 9mm Ammo x30, 7.62mm Ammo x15, 12-Gauge Shells x10, Healing Tablet x4.

Recommended Skills: Eagle Eye, Item Drop Increase, Target Master.

(few more posts to go...)
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[ Jake Muller ]

Load-Out: Nine-Oh-Nine x15, Elephant Killer x5, Hand-to-Hand, Flash Grenade x2, 9mm Ammo x50, .500 Magnum Ammo x10, Healing Tablets x10

Recommended Skills: Martial Arts Master, Power Counter, Natural Healing.

[ Jake “cold as ice ice baby” Muller ]

Load-Out: Survival Knife, Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle x5, Grenade Launcher x6, First-Aid Spray x1, 7.62mm Ammo x20, 40mm Explosive Rounds x12, Healing Tablets x8.

Recommended Skills: Martial Arts Master, Power Counter, Natural Healing.

[ Sherry Birkin ]

Load-Out: Triple Shot x20, Lightning Hawk x7, Stun Rod, Herb (red), First-Aid Spray x1,
9mm Ammo x30, .50 Action-Express Magnum Ammo x10, Healing Tablet x1.

Recommended Skills: Pharmacist, Quick Shot Power Increase, Item Drop Increase.

[ Sherry “school of the dead” Birkin ]

Load-Out: Bear Commander x30, Assault Shotgun x7, Herb (red) x2, First-Aid Spray x1, Flash Grenade x2, 5.56mm Ammo x60, 12-Gauge Shells x20, 40mm Explosive Rounds x3, Healing Tablets x1.

Recommended Sills: Target Master, Pharmacist, Item Drop Increase.

[ Ada Wong ]

Load-Out: Ammo Box 50 x50, Crossbow x1, Incendiary Grenade x3, 9mm Ammo x30, Arrows (normal) x60, Arrows (pipe bomb) x30, Healing Tablets x8.

Recommended Skills: Target Master, Power Counter, Item Drop Increase.

[ Ada “Kikoken” Wong ]

Load-Out: MP-AF x30, Sniper Rifle x6, Herb (red) x2, Hand Grenade x2, Flash Grenade x2, 9mm amo x30, 7.62mm amo x6, Healing Tablet x1.

Recommended Skills: Target Master, Eagle Eye, Item Drop Increase.

[ Carla Radames ]

Load-Out: Picador x16, Grenade Launcher x6, 9mm Ammo x50, 40mm Acid Rounds x12, 40mm Nitrogen Rounds x6, Healing Tablets x6.

Recommended Skills: Item Drop Increase, Quick Shot Power Increase.

(one more)
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Thanks for the re-post! Helpful stuff here, and I've got lots of practice to do.
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[ Defining a coup de grace with the help of danny_S_06 ]

From my understanding a coup de grace is performed three different ways (although I am not 100% on there I could be mistaken)

An arm stun followed by melee, Flash Grenade into melee, larger enemies (Lepotisa, Bloodshot) when damaged enough fall to their knees, the follow-up R1 prompt is considered a coup de grace.

danny_S_06 input:

Coup de gra is a characters heavy melee.

Jakes Windfall, Leons twist kick, Chris's Haymaker, Helena's drop kick etc.

You can do it on fat zombies by shooting both of their legs enough, Bloodshots when knelt down, and some mutated Javo when stunned, and normal Zombies/Javo when heavily stunned, also you it sometimes uses it when helping a grabbed opponent.

Thank you guys for your patience. Please feel free to post now if you wish. And again shout outs to the people that requested a sticky on the original and anyone that does so now. If there are any questions feel free to PM me or post here. My PSN is the same as my gamefaqs name for those that want to know. Take care all and happy hunting.
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OfficeDesk33 posted...
Thanks for the re-post! Helpful stuff here, and I've got lots of practice to do.

Hey no prob lol, thank you.
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For Boss Bonuses...does this mean the bosses are worth more points the higher your combo is? Like, leaving all the bosses alive until the very end will net you the highest score?
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