[The Mercenaries] The numbers and all you need to know ver.2

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Wheeper posted...
If you have plenty of time left does it go towards your score?

Yes. I think it's like 1000pts per second remaining or something. Hence the really high scores require the counter kill spam on everything.
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Ahh, damn. I just saw. He had a whole 100k more basically. I'm going to try and learn more about the level.
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Yeah, that's probably a cheater. He doesn't even appear on the PS3 leaderboards (unless it's on Xbox?). I doubt it, though. Your score is #1.
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Give me 500 baby. So this guide can help people in peace! Instead of bragging about scores and stuff lol.
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Animesetsuna posted...
Noxotic posted...
Ocelot147 posted...
Good luck in the event. Just got done getting #1. Well, according to the ps3 leaderboards.

Niko? More like WEAKTHOUGH.

Your score is 1442096. Amazing. But Nonita (1442096) beat you.

My best is 1210395 in #104. (Well, I hope that I will stay in this rank after the result is out)

In PS3 leaderboard, Ocelot has the highest score. Nonita is a cheater than he has 1.5 million but never exist in PS3 leaderboard.
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IIIRX7III posted...
1.24 million with Helena. Helena of all characters lol:


I'm going to do the 150 combo + boss hold with every character and make a playlist.

Nice work, but what's wrong with Helena? She is a character that requires more skill to do well imo. She is not an EZ mode character like Jake or Sherry.

I found this video a few days ago and I luv it!

Helena EX, Solo, Rail Yard, 1.3 million


I've been playing Helena EX in Duo a lot and most of my 1.2 million+ scores are with her. In Solo, I have troublez when playing as her. She could use the stun baton. It would go perfect with her outfit too.
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The Catacombs 1283K Helena (Alt)

She isn't that bad a character, idk know her full loadout but her Ammo box is difficult but quickshot + CDG would be the best method without using the counter method.
She has 3 Inc, grenades which is a nice combo saver, so she isn't completely terrible just that other characters have better loadouts, much better.

Ada Default seems to be the worst character overall.
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1.39m Urban Chaos Duo. So close to 1.4. T________T

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Noxotic posted...
1.39m Urban Chaos Duo. So close to 1.4. T________T


Just watched the vid and sent you a message on PSN- it was actually a really great match, and I randomly got FerryJan yesterday and he's a great partner. You'll get it next time!
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