[The Mercenaries] The numbers and all you need to know ver.2

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Great so the Ogreman has invincibility frames on top of everything else.
So how exactly do you take down this guy down, I just fire like 40+ HG Bullets with Carla which really isn't a viable option, I have other my option Ada EX1 but I would so take a Ubivisto over a Ogreman every time.
Anyone got any survival tips ?
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Those bastards make this the hardest level..-_- I always lose my combo on the second giant.

THE FIRST THING YOU NEED TO DO IS PRACTICE!!!!! Don't reset when the combo breaks. Keep going until you get to the Second Giant at least until you know how you're going to deal with them...and practice killing it in a combo.

There are 2 ways.

Easy way...
There are 2 electric wires..and 2 giants.....
They normally drop them to their knees. However..the second giant seems to be stronger than the first one....It normally takes an electric shock and a few bullets....

HARD way...
There's a brownist spot under his weak spot. Shoot that with a strong weapon to drop him to his knees.....

Either way..after they drop...DO NOT MELEE them yet. Kill a normal javo, then IMMEDIALTY melee the giant. This melee takes about 10 seconds!! After you score teh kill..it will take your character about 7 seconds to get free..so hurry up and kill another javo to keep the combo.

MY main problem is the final stage with the second giant and about 3 difference types of javo spawning. if I can JUST kill that second giant I can provide you guy with a movie.....
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I have to say Im really enjoying mercs atm :)
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Two solo runs on Requiem for War. Sherry and EX Sherry. Average scores(1.16 mil). But who cares? This stage is hard to solo.

Warning..a lot of foul words in this video.. ^_^
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thanks lol
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Urban Chaos Duo 1423k. Going for 1450k soon. T______T
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i didn't realizde until after spening so much time in other stages that UC is very difficult. It's easy at first yeah, but 110+ Kills, things get out of control. Bsaa Bloodshots, Double Whoppers, Magum Cops, Dogs.....

So my question is..why do many people pefer UC over the other stages?
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Toughest or most annoying part is the Magnum Zombies/BSAA Zombies around 110-130c.
Urban Chaos isn't a terribly tough stage, just about learning the spawning and waves.
You have 2 Remote bombs which will help greatly with the 3 whoppers, a First Aid Spray, 3 Inc. Grenades which will help with the grenade trick. I find this stage more annoying than tough IMO.
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Well my highest on UC is 1.08 mil..but that was my VERY first 150 combo. I'll get back to it tonight.

In about 2 hours from thi post.....this video should be ready.

It's Liquid Fire Default sherry Solo 1.23 mil on my SIXTH try. I'm surprised at how easy this stage really is once your burn that freaking regenerator monster(unless you're aiming for 1.5 mil......)

All that's left for me to solo is High Seas and Rail yard.
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My Urban Chaos Solo RE6 Mercenaries run with Agent. Overall a average character, great items and Handgun but terrible Boss-killing weapon, probably won;t use him much.